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Security for Bali Island is tightening

Bali Police is tightening Bali Island’s security recently in order to anticipate any counter attack by terrorists after the first Bali bombings convicts, Amrozi, Imam Samudera and Muklas a.k.a Ali Gufron are executed which will be occurred early November.

A thousand police officers that finished their duty to secure the first Asian Beach Games in Bali withdrew to protect strategic places around Bali especially seaports, airport and also famous public places.
Bali Police is ready to secure this island of paradise before the execution take place and also after the execution. The tightening is conducting to preserve Bali’s situation auspicious.

police The security measurement in Bali is increased with armed forces of Bali Police officers including dog squad to do a thoroughly searching the packages that suspected contain explosives. Bali Police is also securing the foreign consulate offices in Bali that could be a target of terrorist’ attacks like USA and Australia consulates.
A pair of Mobile Brigade officers assigned to patrol near those consulate offices.
Meanwhile Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika who was also former Bali Police Head said that the tourism industry no need to panic in order to anticipate Amrozi and other two death convicts, Imam Samudra and Muklas and having Australian Govt. had issued travel warning for it’s citizens to avoid or cancel their visit to Indonesia and especially to Bali.

Governor Pastika said that he is sure that Bali’s tourism industry will keep stable because Australians already understand Bali’s situation and therefore nothing to worry from Australian Govt. travel warning concerning the impending execution the first Bali bombing perpetrators. However the travel warning issued by Australian Govt. is not much influencing Australian tourists to Bali.

There’s no cancellation due to the warning issue. They still believe Bali is safe and secured. From the released data of Bali Hotel and Restaurant Association until August 2008 Australian tourists to Bali is in the second place with 194 thousand people after Japan tourists with 243 thousand people and the third and fourth are Taiwanese and South Korea with 94,477 people and 88,703 people.



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